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Qualitative Research 

Our Qualitative services include:

Consumer immersions

Immerse yourself into the lives of consumers because your consumers are one of the most effective consultants you can hire.

Brand Insight

Identify insights that align with your brand and make your consumers feel connected  to the brand.

Advertising Testing

Improve the efficacy of your advertising. This research can be done for a specific ad or campaign, or to understand how advertising works in the eyes of your consumers.

Product Concept

To evaluate how consumers respond to a product idea prior to launching in the market


Group Discussion

Interacting individuals who are unknown to each other and brought together after selected based on certain characteristics that relate to the topic of discussion. Focus groups offer depth, nuance, and variety to the discussion that would not be available through surveys.

In Depth Interview

The goal of the interview is to explore in depth a respondent’s point of view, experiences, feelings, and perspectives. You may want to conduct in-depth interviews instead of focus groups if the topics you wish to explore are highly sensitive in nature.

Paired Depth Interview

There are 2 respondents. If known to each other, they are sometimes referred to as a friendship pair. If not known to each other, participants may be recruited as having similar behavior and interests, or as a conflict pair.


A type of depth interview where there are three respondents, who may know each other, or may be recruited as strangers. If known to each other, they are sometimes referred to as a friendship pair. If not known to each other, participants may be recruited as having similar behavior and interests, or as a conflict pair.

Mini Group Discussion

A group discussion involving fewer participants than usual, it’s a transitional form between individual and collective qualitative research methods with offline and online system.

Tele Depth Interview

Cost-effective qualitative methodology Tele-depth interviews are ideal for difficult recruiting projects involving hard-to-reach individuals.

Ethnographic Study

observing target respondent in their natural, real-world setting in order to reveal the concealed feelings of the respondents which cannot be obtained by verbal means because people are not always inclined to express themselves openly or they often do not realize the motives of their behaviour themselves.

Online Bulletin Boards

Participants are given a website address and login information so they can take part online and share their thoughts with great clarity and depth in bulletin boards. They log in at their convenience resulting in more time spent on the research and rich insights that go deeper than the average focus group

Quantitative Research 

We have experience and commitment to delivering high quality fieldwork in an accurate, fast, and price competitive way across a diverse range of market sectors. With expertise in survey design, fieldwork delivery and statistical analysis, Sentral Kualitas Riset delivers high quality quantitative market research across a broad and loyal client base


Direct interview with a respondent based on the use of a paper printed questionnaire and the interviewers complete them with a pen according to the answers of the respondent.


CAPI is a computer assisted data collection method for replacing paper-and-pen methods. This enables the interview to pursue many different, yet relevant, routes depending upon the responses given by the interviewee. CAPI research helps to control the interview better and gives a possibility of applying complex filters and audio-visual elements in the questionnaire.


CATI stands for computer assisted telephone interviewing. It is similar to CAPI but conducted over the phone. The most important advantage of the telephone interviewing is that the data collection requires shorter time. So telephone interviewing is a very good solution if quick results are needed as well as for opinion research about current political, social or public affairs.

Central Location Test

Is the Face to face survey methodology in which respondents are invited to take part in predefined tasks and tests, respondents may be pre-recruited or can be intercept recruit, and the tests are conducted in the indicated locations. This form of testing has the advantage of offering the possibility to test a large group within a short time under natural conditions, unbiased conditions.
We can provide these services in our-own CLT facilities in Jakarta, Surabaya as well as in other suitable venues throughout the nation.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking has become an extremely powerful tool in market research. Eye tracking provides insight into what consumers first look at and how long they look at different elements (on a screen), in what order and perhaps most importantly, what they’re missing. Most marketing research questionnaires or marketing research methods rely on information from a consumer’s memory. Eye tracking reveals what consumers are thinking as they’re exposed to the advertisement or test information

Mystery Shopping

It is one of the most effective methods of evaluating any customer interaction and enables you to appreciate the process from a customer’s perspective. The results of mystery shopping research provide clients with the ability to objectively view reality, and to accurately identify individual, as well as organizational strengths and weaknesses. In turn, this leads to improved customer satisfaction, increased sales and better customer retention.

Online Survey

An online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the Internet. Online surveys are usually created as Web form questionnaires, appears in the browser as a web-page that respondents can reach in different ways depending on the sample design. In contrast to traditional surveys, online surveys offer companies a way to sample a broader audience at a lower cost.


SKR has its own field infratructure with national coverage  in all market , supported by in house  data entry learns,  we run large tracking studies around all region  especially big city in indonesia Operatios Infrastructure.

In each market we have  our own in house field management, field quality control and data processing teams, we have central location testing space , advertising tetst and CAPI interviewing and CATI station.